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Your coupon organization system is (almost) free after store credit this week!

Go here to see Southern Savers’ post about everything you need for your coupon organization system being free or almost free between Staples and Office Depot this week. Trust me – you WANT to take advantage of this. You are investing in your own sanity, and your own future bottom line.

Easy Rebates are mail-in rebates from Staples that are very quick, and you deposit them in the bank. Office Depot’s store credit is only good at Office Depot, so when you get it back, you can use it to buy things you would otherwise have to buy, like ink for your printer.

Even though you put out cash for these items, it’s worth it to do it when you get an asset (store credit or mail-in rebate) back in the same amount or so.

Paper is even free at one store!